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Joseph Termine1 yr Jr's
Hi, is there any Arrows Jr's that played in 1980 that went to the Nationals? Dan Dorian #11 was my linemate, i was #21

I was told about my picture on your website and it gave me a real thrill to see it. Picture number three has Robert Ingellis and I am the player in the back ground. The team was the Arrows Midget team and I was the captain. We won the championship that year (1971-2). I also played on the Arrows Junior team for four years; 1969-70 (coached by Ted Casey); 1970-71, 1971-72 and 1972-73 coached by Richard (Red) Macklin. Red is now a minor official for the NY Islanders. Your picture number four is of Billy Conforte and Al Wang. That year Bill was the coach of the Midget team, not the junior team. He coached the junior team starting year 1973-74. Alís son Kevin was one of the two goalies on the Midget team. My experience playing on the New Hyde Park Arrows was unbelievable. I was fortunate to get a Hockey Scholarship to a division two NCAA school, New England College. I have stayed involved with hockey and I am a level 3 coach. Your teams see me at times because I wear stripes. I officiate many LIAHL youth games.

I was surfing the web and came across your website. Attached is a picture from when I was a squirt and played with the Arrows. The picture is date 1972 on the back. I also have some pictures from I believe peewees when we played in a tournament in Buffalo. I remember some names Marc Rosen, Steve Barry, Chris Duburn and his dad was an official, Mike DeBlasi, Eric Feder, Neil Levine. My name is Bill Klein and I played defense. I have some great memories from the Arrows, watching the Rangers practice after us, Ed Giacomin coaching one of our games, and Rangers coach Francis handing out our medals after a tournament. Thanks Bill Kelin

Steve Gertler told me about the alumni board. Lot's of good memories. FYI, Matthew Stern left hockey and the Arrows and took up skiing, eventually becoming a ski instructor at Mount Snow's Alpine Training Center. He's going to the Biomedical Engineering Program at Johns Hopkins in the fall. They've got a club hockey program, so maybe ... Anyway, best of luck to all.

Wow its been a long time ,moved to Texas in 91 .I am coaching H.S. hockey (Varsity & JV ) as well as coaching a midget minor aa team . Texas is a hotbed for hockey believe it or not. Looking for Sacco , Dilluvio, Celantano . How you guys doing . What happened to Doug Dervin

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