Instructions for uploading files to our FTP Server

1. Open Internet Explorer v5 or v6
2. Point the Browser to

3. Login with the Arrows username and password, make sure to click Save Password and click Log On.
     User Name: arrows_ftp
     Password: arrows2006 (you must use lower case)

4. Resize the FTP window so that it only takes up ½ the screen
5. Open the directory that contains your pictures and resize it to the other ½ of the screen next to the FTP window.

6. From the FTP window, select File, then New Folder.
7. Give the folder a descriptive name.
8. Double click on the folder.

9. Drag and drop files from your local pictures directory to the remote FTP directory.

10. When you are done. Close both windows.

2005-2006 Arrows Youth Hockey